Hi all,

Welcome! My name is Jessica Kate, though, Jessa is what I prefer. I was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario and continue to reside in this great city. I’m 21 years old and a student at the University of Toronto (Specialising in English Studies and Minoring in Film and Literature).

My particular interests lie in writing, film, music, love, and discussing my personal experiences with mental health — in an effort to eliminate stigma and to spread love and acceptance.

I’m an all-over-the-place kind of human being, nonetheless. Take a look, you’ll see!

Feel free to contact me at: jessicakatek@gmail.com

^^ Just be sure to include in your email that you are from my blog: Bastian Kate. I can answer Q&A’s, comments, concerns, and give advice to anyone who seeks it. I will honour anyone who wishes to remain anonymous as well.


– Jessa

(All photos/art used in my posts are fully credited to the original photographer/artist).