Fear(ful)less edges.

Help me, because I am truly drowning in the quicksand that is my mind. With its thoughts racing, pulling me under, I cannot rise to the surface as easily as I once did. Not only is it difficult, but near impossible the more I try to stick my hands up and pull. It seems that the negative thoughts are bringing me closer to my head and preventing me from living outside it — living life without worry. Those days seem so long ago now… But what has gone wrong between then and now? Is it something I have done? Is it something I have caused and burdened myself with? I can’t shake the feeling, though, that there is potential. That, one day, I will be able to rise above the quicksand that is my mind. To walk on sandy beaches with my feet being pleasantly massaged by the grains, with no fear of being pulled in. 

Fear(ful)less edges:

When we were children,
going down a waterslide as big as our
imagination was nothing.
We were fearless.
Fearless to love,
Fearless to live,
Fearless to slide down a complex,
bending, swerving, jolting, spiral.
This life we live now,
what has it become?
In fear of life’s spirals and bends.
I want to step off the edge
instead of looking below at the distance
I’m about to ride.
To be afraid of nothing, anymore.
To take the leap and just go.

– Jessa 

(Original photographer unknown. But the photo was taken at an abandoned waterpark in Toronto, Ontario called Ontario Place — a place near and dear to my heart).


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