Succumb to drown. 

It was time —

For her to experience drowning.

For too long she wondered when it would come;

Wishing, hoping, and longing.

The experience arrived in the form of a man,

Whom she began to swim in.


Did she last so long without his

Touch, arms, skin, and warmth?

The kind that feels hot;

Like melted wax running across naked skin.

She lost herself.

Her head went under;

Her arms went weak;

Her body could no longer stay afloat.

And drowning in him,

Became the sweetest death of all.

– Jessa


One thought on “Succumb to drown. 

  1. shankalicious says:

    Hold on, I forgot my mascara at home. Not enough racoon eyes. -cough- Why must the girl die to the man? Girl needs to stay the fuck away from Kendrick Lamar then. ‘The kind that feels hot;’ DRANK. ‘She lost herself.’ DRANK. ‘Her head went under;’ DRANK. But seriously, I ❤ ya. STILL BETTER LOVE STORY THAN TWILIGHT. A relationship isn't drowning, it's swimming. Where is the man in this? He appears, and then disappears from the writer and all that is left is her death, confusion, and drowning. The writer never actually -lives-. Perhaps the experience she is missing is swimming and living, not drowning.


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