An open letter to you, Unrequited.

We were walking through the halls when I told you I loved you. I didn’t think anything of it, just that the words fell so easily out of my mouth because I was happy that you, my old best friend, were talking to me for the first time after a year of ignoring me.

You taught me the word unrequited that day. Since then, I have feared what it meant. I never wanted to feel that rejection, loneliness, and embarrassment ever again, by anyone.

But, thank you. Thank you for teaching me that word. Thank you for letting me feel that fear of isolation because I vowed to never let anyone feel that way with me since that day in the halls. Thank you for leaving me behind, because now I will never leave anyone behind. Thank you for showing me how important reciprocated love and kindness is.

You do not deserve to feel unrequited love from anyone, neither do I, neither does anyone.

Keep loving,

– Jessa


2 thoughts on “An open letter to you, Unrequited.

  1. haneenakbari says:

    I wrote something about unrequited as well. Im new to wordpress and i would really love it. If you would come and read it. Give me some feedback to please and follow as well. Im sorry if im asking for to much:(. But please it would be a lot of help!!!


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